Thursday, July 11, 2013

Framed Wall Collage...

When I design for my home, I am drawn to a relaxed and comfortable look that expresses enchanted simplicity and whimsical mystique. I like to tell my life story through design, capturing memories in each creation. Staying in theme with my design style, I decided to create a framed wall collage for my pink bedroom. The collage showcases heartfelt memories of a European vacation I took in 2006. I remember taking each landmark photograph as I traveled through France, Italy and many other countries along the Mediterranean coast. Those precious memories live on in my mind and heart, and now in a collage I can enjoy and share with others for many years to come.

The collage is straight forward to make and requires no special tools. You can customize the paper and frame with embellishments if you would like. I thought about staining and stitching the edges of my paper, but decided to keep the look simple and clean, which suits me just fine.

Starting with 9 frames (8" x 10"), I cut coordinating card stock paper to fit each frame. I then centered and adhered each photo to the card stock paper using an acid free adhesive. Once assembled in the frame, I hung the collage on the wall in a grouping. Random placement would be cute as well.

Really, that is it! Give it a try. It is an easy, inexpensive and fun way to cover wall space.     

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